Meet Iro

My Approach

I believe with a clear vision and a game plan many goals can be achieved. The vision is a greater America, where we can pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The game plan is combining our individual talents and working together. We have more in common than we do differences and if we can work together we can make “America as it should be.”

My Story

Being a first-generation U.S. Citizen with parents that immigrated from Nigeria in the early ’80s, life was great. Although my parents weren’t the wealthiest they instilled values of appreciation, loyalty, hard work and resilience.

I learned early on that I had a passion for building humanity and a niche for motivating people to be their best through my words and actions. I studied biology and chemistry at Prairie View A&M University in Texas and law at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School in Georgia. When I completed my education, I relocated to New York City where I currently teach middle school science and facilitate professional development for educators.

As a young adult in Texas, I was faced with political adversities often. I protested alongside with my classmates for our right to vote in our districts in 2004 and 2008. I worked on the Obama Campaign as a student volunteer in my area and made sure that students were registered to vote and understood the election process. While I was in Georgia, I worked with many political organizations including the Federalist Society.

Being a member of the Federalist Society allowed me to see first hand how we can have different views and still have so much in common. This experience is what encouraged me to run for Congress.

Why Should You Vote For Iro?

We all have a responsibility to use our innate and acquired skills to make this world a better place. I am creative, versatile and ambitious and I want to represent a district that has the same set of characteristics. We are doing great things our district and we deserve representation that will ensure that we continue to build and lead the rest of America to greatness.

Next Steps…

There are many ways to contribute to our efforts. Add your name to our list and we will contact you.